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*Only available to local customers! *You will be contacted when the box is ready! Order on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and receive the box on Saturday. Orders received Thursday through Saturday will be fullfilled the following Saturday due to when crops are harvested at the farm!

 We want to keep inspiring your kids to be creative in the kitchen! This vegetable prep box will help keep your chef entertained and your family will benefit by having nutrient rich vegetables. We would love your support during this time, and your patience as we navigate new opportunities!

*Please note, the fresh vegetables will come from a local farm called Woods Edge Family Farm. Vegetables can change based on the supply and demand at the farm, as well as the growing season! Vegetables are picked up on Saturdays from the farm, and you will be contacted when the box is ready! Your produce box will contain 2 different vegetables and some sort of greens!


Why Curious Chef? These quality kitchen tools were made specifically for children! We love using Curious Chef tools in our cooking classes!


Included in the Vegetable Prep Box:

-1 Curious Chef Nylon Knife

-1 Curious Chef Vegetable Scrubber

-1 Curious Chef Vegetable Peeler

-Flexible Chopping Mat

-Wholesome Roots recipes and tips for using the produce!

-Vegetables: Examples of vegetables could be: french breakfast heirloom raddishes, salad turnips, carrotts, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some greens! 

(On a personal note, my kids ate all of the salad turnips in one day. Raw! I didn't even get a chance to cook any! They couldn't believe how delicious they were!)

**If you would like to add farm fresh eggs, or a third vegetable to your box for an additional cost, please send an email to**


  • Pick Up/Delivery

    Pick up is appreciated if possible.

    Pick up will be at Walgreens parking lot on the corner of Dupont and Coldwater Rd. You will be contacted when a pick up date is arranged. The goal is to make pick up day the same day the vegetables come from the farm! Delivery is available if located in northwest Fort Wayne!


  • Fine Print

    All sales are final! No refunds! Wholesome Roots Cooking is not responsible for any product sold in this box.

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