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Cooking Classes, Summer Culinary Camps, Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building, Private Lessons, After-School Enrichment

Family Cooking

Who We Are

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Wholesome Roots Cooking exists to inspire families to plant wholesome roots for a healthy lifestyle. We create fun memories for you and your family! Join in on a cooking class!

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Healthier Living

Our Mission: Planting Wholesome Roots

At Wholesome Roots Cooking, we believe you can influence your children to live a healthy lifestyle by getting them involved! We make learning fun and give kids and families the space to be creative and learn wholesome eating habits. We also know that eating healthy and meal planning can be intimidating. We are here to help! Let's work together to plant wholesome roots towards a healthier lifestyle!


Private Parties/Classes

Held in the privacy of your own home and with the guests you invite! Email for more information.

How do private lessons work?
You: Host the private lesson in your home and determine who you want to participate. You may invite friends to take the lesson with you, or you may do the lesson as a family! If you prefer, you can even do the lesson by yourself! Private lessons have a lot of flexibility so be creative! Girl's night? Men's night? Bachelorette party? Couples night? Birthday party? Parent/child? The possibilities are endless!

Wholesome Roots: Works closely with you to plan your personalized cooking lesson. Brings all ingredients, supplies, and fun! Teaches the recipes with hands on cooking lessons. Cleans up!

Cost: $75 pp per hour + the cost of groceries!


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Cooking Eggs