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Who We Are

Hands-On Cooking Instruction

Welcome to Wholesome Roots Cooking! My name is Meghan Hauser, and I am the founder of Wholesome Roots Cooking! I spend a lot of time cooking and creating meals for my own family and try to teach my 6 children that a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean boring and gross food! I have some very picky eaters, so creativity is key! My mission is to inspire families to plant wholesome roots for a healthy lifestyle by spending more time together in the kitchen! You plant healthy relational roots while learning important cooking skills!  Through cooking classes, parties, and camps, children are encouraged to try new food, and are taught valuable hands-on cooking skills.  I have learned that if my children help out with meal prep, they take pride in what we eat and it always ends up being, "The best meal ever!" Healthy cooking skills are skills your children will use for a lifetime! Join me as we plant Wholesome Roots for our families!

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